5 ways ApprovalMax can improve your purchasing process in QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online is a great tool to handle purchase orders for a small company. But growing businesses come with an ever-increasing number of purchase orders, employees and managers – and the need for additional spend control.

This is where ApprovalMax helps you organise approval workflows expertly. And no time wasted on chasing managers for approvals also means that everyone, and your company in general, gets a lot more efficient. This is how it works:

1. Clear automated approval workflows without any papers

With ApprovalMax, employees don’t need to remember who approves which type of expense or collect post-it notes with this kind of information. ApprovalMax knows every detail without fail and routes any request seamlessly through the approval workflow, however complicated that might be. Paperless also means that approvers don’t have to be physically in the office for authorising documents. Working from home? Lots of offices in various locations? No problem.

2. Purchase orders are created and approved outside of QuickBooks Online

Access to the general ledger is not something that should be granted to everyone in a company, mostly for security reasons. Thanks to ApprovalMax, purchase order requesters and approvers don’t have to be users of QuickBooks Online, and when they create or approve purchase orders they will only ever see the information relevant for their area of responsibility. 

3. Mobile app for purchase order requesters and approvers

This is a top feature for those who are often out and about, attend many meetings or do lots of business travel. With the mobile app, raising and approving purchase orders while on the go only takes a few taps on your phone.

4. No need to personally annoy the approvers with reminders 

To help avoid delays, and maintain a healthy atmosphere in the workplace, ApprovalMax sends out automated notifications. Plus, our mobile app and the option to approve from email both serve to make the approver’s job so much easier. 

5. Limit requesters in terms of what purchase orders they can raise

Requester roles can be set up flexibly to ensure that purchase orders are created strictly in line with the respective authorisation level of each requester. It’s possible to restrict them, for instance, regarding the available choice of suppliers or categories.

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