ApprovalMax welcomes Brendan Lucas and Cassandra Scott

We’re excited to announce that Brendan Lucas, Managing Director and Founder of Next Dimension Accounting, and Cassandra Scott, Director of Laurus Bookkeeping are joining the ApprovalMax team in Australia.

Both are experts in their respective fields and will be offering their expertise to help businesses tackle challenges related to end-to-end AP automation, financial controls, and digital adoption.

About Brendan Lucas

Brendan is a Chartered Accountant who brings a depth of accounting experience, having worked with hundreds of clients in the SME and NFP sectors to grow their businesses.

His expertise and understanding of ApprovalMax and how it brings immediate value, coupled with insightful advice that impacts people’s lives positively, makes Brendan an ideal candidate to talk about cost-effective technology that is truly efficient.

Brendan has a talent for teaching people how to use technology to make their accounting function more efficient and cost-effective. By doing so, he also helps business owners and decision-makers free up their time, while drastically improving the pace at which they do business.

“ApprovalMax is a prime example of productive technology. We know the right technology can transform the way a business works, and our hands-on experience of ApprovalMax has revealed the positive difference it makes to a range of SMEs and NFPs. By providing streamlined, secure and rapid processes, ApprovalMax allows management to focus on the bigger picture. Having worked with its very effective technology, I now look forward to being part of the growth journey of ApprovalMax,” says Brendan.

About Cassandra Scott

Cassandra joins ApprovalMax as Head of Bookkeeping APAC, and brings a wealth of knowledge as a registered BAS agent, Xero Certified Advisor, Xero Platinum Partner, and industry mentor.  She is a former Director of both the Australian Bookkeepers Association, and Association of Accounting Technicians (Australia). 

Her mission is to help businesses recognise the potential of bookkeeping as a vital element for growth, wealth, and success, by implementing cloud-based systems and cutting-edge technology.

Her profound knowledge of Xero over several years, as well as her familiarity of various ecosystem apps and desire to promote ApprovalMax, allows her to provide deep and valuable insights to small business owners and bookkeeping professionals.

“ApprovalMax is a product that has resonated for a number of years. The ability for it to streamline business processes, put in place delegations, spend authorities and approvals, ensures opportunities for fraud and risk are significantly mitigated for our clients.” says Cassandra.

Kylie Wing, CMO of ApprovalMax, says: “We are thrilled to welcome Brendan and Cassandra as our team goes from strength to strength. We look forward to their contribution and seeing them help those in the accounting and bookkeeping community thrive. Their understanding of ApprovalMax and the value it creates to unlock end-to-end AP automation and financial controls will deliver incredible value and protection for businesses all across Australia and New Zealand.”