Approving paid bills with the direct Receipt Bank to ApprovalMax integration for Xero

The direct Receipt Bank to ApprovalMax integration enables an end-to-end bill processing workflow that covers bill digitisation as well as review and approval. It helps keep Xero clean and orderly without any duplicates and reduces the risk of human error and fraud. 

With the direct Receipt Bank to ApprovalMax integration, Receipt Bank doesn’t publish bills directly to Xero but instead to ApprovalMax, which will do some checks before initiating the appropriate review and approval process. This works for both unpaid and paid bills.

To read more about how it works for unpaid bills, see here.

Handling paid bills

Previously, without the Receipt Bank to ApprovalMax direct integration, paid bills had to be pushed to Xero as “Awaiting Approval” to have ApprovalMax pick them up for automated approval routing. This caused bills to lose their original “Paid” status as well as the respective bank transaction data recorded in Xero. 

Now, with the direct Receipt Bank to ApprovalMax integration, paid bills are pushed to ApprovalMax in the “Paid” status. They are then routed according to the approval workflow and finally pushed to Xero – again with the status “Paid” and including the bank transaction details.

This is how it works for paid bills

Pre-accounting data capture

After extracting the relevant invoice data, Receipt Bank enters this information into the bill fields and attaches an invoice scan to the digital invoice copy. It also marks the invoice as “Paid” and selects the respective bank account before publishing the bill to ApprovalMax for authorisation.

Review and authorisation

In ApprovalMax, invoices with the “Paid” status are routed to the appropriate managers with the specified authorisation level as determined in the approval matrix and the approval workflow.

Bill “Paid” 

Once the formal authorisation process has been completed, invoices including the respective bank transaction details are pushed to Xero in the “Paid” status.