ApprovalMax now makes it easier to manage your account

August 2018 Release

Recently, our development team has been working very hard on a brand new and much sought after product update. And the good new is, it’s now up and running!

The ‘My Account’ feature, for self-service account management by our customers, has been released, and in this blog post, we’ll explain why it’s so important.

What is ‘My Account’?

We strongly believe that by creating a great user experience, we can build the best service for your business and your clients.

The new major ‘My Account’ functionality is testament to that belief, providing self-service capabilities for many important account management and billing tasks, such as:

  • Managing payment methods and billing details
  • Upgrading subscriptions
  • Creating new subscriptions
  • Canceling and renewing subscriptions
  • Creating new trial organisations, etc.

What is the story behind the ‘My Account’ capability?

Recent feedback from our clients and partners indicate overall satisfaction with the ApprovalMax services, as well as with our responsive customer support.

But as we see their businesses growing year over year, we understand that the account and subscription management capabilities requires improvements.

That’s why we have launched a new embedded self-service portal for managing subscriptions management; the ‘My Account’ capability.

Hear from our Director of Operations, Helmut Heptner, introducing our new feature:

What are the benefits of using ‘My Account’?

‘My Account’ will bring a new level of convenience for all ApprovalMax users, with a specific focus on additional support for our accounting partners.

It provides a convenient and secure way to access and manage your account information whenever you need to.

What are the key features of ‘My Account’?

Your ApprovalMax account is linked to your email address, and it aggregates all of your ApprovalMax data. So, you might have multiple subscriptions, all under the same account, but with different payment terms, billing details, etc.

‘My Account’ lets you manage all of this more effectively.

Trial Organisations

For example, when you first create an Organisation, it’s done so as a Trial and then added under a paid subscription. And with our new feature, there’s no need to contact ApprovalMax every time you need to set up a new trial. Instead, simply click the ‘add organisation’ button in the menu and an independent trial is started.

After the trial is over, you will need to add the trial organisation to a paid subscription to continue using ApprovalMax. If you already have a paid subscription with a space for a new organisation, you just need to add the trial organisation to this subscription.

And if there’s no room for a new organisation under your subscription, you’ll need to increase the allowed number of organisations per subscription. Or you can set up a new or separate subscription via the “New Subscription” option.

Billing Details & Payment Information

Another popular customer request, changing billing details for a particular subscription can be now be easily done from the Subscriptions screen. Please note: New billing information will be applied to the new invoices, but not to the old ones.

You can also update payment information (if your credit card is set to expire, or you want to pay for ApprovalMax via a different payment method). Bear in mind that you will need to checkout right away, and that your account will be charged. But don’t worry, you’re not overpaying, since the next bill will take place on the same date.

Try ‘My Account’ today

For more information, view our Support Demo Video on YouTube or read our support articles.

The ApprovalMax ‘My Account’ feature  is designed to allow you to perform most of these important operations in a self-service mode, but in case you require any assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us at: