How this construction company improved efficiency by 75% with automated approvals

case study

How this construction company improved efficiency by 75% with automated approvals

Avg approval time down
from 3.5 week to 4.5 days

74% reduction
in approval time

50+ hours saved
each month

$22,000 AUD
estimated yearly savings

3,400% estimated yearly
ROI from ApprovalMax

Improved transparency
& traceability

BLR Construction was facing a common challenge in the construction industry: a manual and time-consuming approval process that was taking a toll on their decision-makers and finance administrator. With up to 500 bills and invoices to handle each month, the team was struggling to keep up with approvals.

That all changed when they discovered ApprovalMax’s cloud-based approval management. Gordon Tivendale, Business Manager at BLR Construction knew this was the solution they were looking for to streamline their approval processes and achieve a more environmentally friendly outcome.

“To anyone in the construction industry: using ApprovalMax is so, so, much better than using a paper-based system. If you’re still doing the old way, you have to change. It’s chalk and cheese.”

Gordon Tivendale, Business Manager at BLR Construction

Solution: Company-wide results with approval automation

With ApprovalMax, BLR Construction saw remarkable improvements in their approval process; they experienced a 74% reduction in approval time (from 3.5 weeks, down to 4.5 days on average) and improved data accuracy, thanks to ApprovalMax’s cloud-based solution. By saving 50+ hours each month, BLR Construction’s estimated annual savings amount to $22,000 AUD, with a lucrative yearly ROI of 3,400% from ApprovalMax! The cost savings from reduced printing, paper, and archiving were also a bonus.

We’re saving around 50+ hours or more each month with ApprovalMax. We’ve also reduced printing, paper, and archiving costs, and everyone’s time. The transition to a paperless system has worked perfectly for us. I’d highly recommend ApprovalMax to anyone in the construction industry. It’s much better than using a paper-based system, and the results speak for themselves.

The switch to ApprovalMax didn’t just result in time and resource savings. The transparency and traceability provided by the system gave the finance team a clear and detailed overview of the approval process and real-time operations. This improved communication between departments and provided complete visibility over the project and company-wide spend. Gordon explains the impact their new approval processes have had:

“It’s completely different now that we’re using ApprovalMax. We got it set up and in a couple of weeks, we could see it was immediately working. As soon as we went over to the new system, everyone loved it.”

The benefits didn’t stop there – with the help of ApprovalMax’s mobile app and remote access capabilities, BLR Construction’s project managers had the flexibility to approve costs from anywhere, at any time. As Gordon puts it:

“ApprovalMax has made it so easy that some of our project managers could be using the mobile app to give approvals while they’re on a construction site, or when they’re lying on the couch at night – that’s just what some of them like to do!”

The power of automation with approvalMax

BLR Construction’s journey to a more efficient and eco-friendly approval process is a strong example of the positive impact that ApprovalMax can have on growing businesses. By streamlining approvals and reducing errors, ApprovalMax helped BLR Construction achieve outstanding time and cost savings.

If you’re looking to improve your approval processes, ApprovalMax is a solution worth considering. Our team of experts is available to answer any questions and guide you through the implementation process. Schedule a live product demo to learn more about how ApprovalMax can benefit your business, or get started with a 14-day free trial.

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