Establishing control for the purchasing process in an aircraft painting company

LandLocked Aviation Services is a leader in the aviation refinishing industry and based in Lake Charles, Louisiana. It’s a team of professionals working on corporate, commercial and military aircraft. Their mission is to deliver superior aircraft refinishing work while providing exceptional customer service.

LandLocked Aviation was looking for an efficient way to issue purchase orders and have them linked with QuickBooks Online. Now, they have found a solution that enables approval automation and additional spend controls.

QuickBooks Online works well for creating purchase orders in smaller companies. But things are not as simple when a business has numerous employees issuing lots of purchase orders because higher volumes of purchasing mean high levels of complexity and responsibility: purchase orders need approval from the responsible executives, and have to be managed in a transparent and efficient manner.

LandLocked Aviation buys lots of consumable supplies, such as masking tape, paint, acetone, paint stripper. Whenever an employee needs new materials, the supply chain manager issues a purchase order. This gets approved by the operations manager and then submitted to the vendor. The incoming invoice is matched in QuickBooks Online with the purchase order and subsequently processed for payment.ApprovalMax makes this process a lot easier as paperwork and manual approval routing is eliminated, which also saves time for both the supply chain manager and the operations manager. It means the materials arrive at the company without delay, and just when they’re needed. It’s very convenient to approve purchase orders from the notification email or in the web app, and with the mobile app there is always the option of doing it while on the go.

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