Five-minute approvals for leading New Zealand healthcare provider

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Five-minute approvals for leading New Zealand healthcare provider

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Green Cross Health, is a primary healthcare provider in New Zealand, providing services to thousands of patients across the country. However, due to a complex organisational hierarchy and manual processes, they faced slow approval times – until they found ApprovalMax.

Since implementing ApprovalMax in March 2022, Green Cross Health has been able to transform their approval process for 57 medical centres. They’ve made huge time savings, reduced repetitive manual tasks, increased staff engagement, and improved flexibility so they can spend more time focusing on caring for the community and continuing business growth.

“ApprovalMax gives us a framework for financial controls and clean DFA facilitation. We now have a high level of control so we can manage risks and prevent fraud, and adoption has been easy across our 57 medical centres.”

Jonathan Nilson, Head of Finance at Green Cross Health

How ApprovalMax helps Green Cross Health manage approvals

Since adopting ApprovalMax, Green Cross Health has transformed their spend control and approval processes across multiple levels of its organisation. Their finance team now uses automation to manage the delegated financial authority (DFA) level for each decision-maker. They have an intricate approval process that involves staff and managers at each medical centre, as well as regional and country-wide managers. With ApprovalMax’s automated approval workflows, Green Cross Health were also able to establish rules based on specific vendors or geo-codes, ensuring precise spend control and determining the appropriate workflow for each document. Jonathan explains,

“Managing the approval process used to be a major challenge for us. Now that we’re using, ApprovalMax, we have the flexibility to manage and accommodate our complex structures.”

And the results speak for themselves. Before ApprovalMax, the average approval time was two days or longer. After implementing ApprovalMax, this is now five minutes. That’s a 96% reduction in approval times

But it’s not just about streamlining the approval process. ApprovalMax also simplifies the audit process by integrating with Xero, enabling Green Cross Health to easily trace transactions, see invoices and pull documents as needed. This eliminates the hassle of finding the actual invoice and accurately identifying it during an audit. The ability to look back into the invoices and see who created and approved them in ApprovalMax made the audit process much more efficient.

“Because we’re listed on the New Zealand stock exchange (NZX), we have to undergo heavy duty audits. ApprovalMax and Xero have streamlined our audits by providing easy traceability of transactions and quick access to invoices and documents. ApprovalMax is a really efficient tool for managing audits.”

How ApprovalMax facilitates Green Cross Health’s growth strategy

Green Cross Health’s growth strategy is based on acquisition. However, for this strategy to be successful, they need to be responsive, future-focused, and agile. To achieve this, they needed a digital solution that would allow them to streamline the approval process so they could have confidence in their financial controls for every acquisition. This is a huge part of why they chose ApprovalMax as their go-to tool.

“ApprovalMax allows us to quickly and easily bring new acquisitions into the fold –  it makes our processes straightforward and easy to learn, and it integrates well with Xero. ApprovalMax is quick to deploy and easy to use,” says Jonathan.

With ApprovalMax, the onboarding of new medical practices is quick and easy. Their automated approval process is straightforward and simple for them to learn, making it the perfect tool to accompany Green Cross Health’s fast-paced business plan. 

The future of healthcare approvals for Green Cross Health

Green Cross Health’s experience with ApprovalMax is a testament to the power of automation and streamlining manual processes. By implementing a user-friendly and efficient solution, they were able to transform their approval process and save countless hours of manual effort. And with a tool that provides the necessary flexibility to manage complex structures, Green Cross Health can continue to focus on business growth and providing high-quality healthcare to their patients.

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