How is Bill to PO Matching Reflected in Reporting?

We recently announced a major enhancement to the ApprovalMax platform: Bill to PO Matching – click the link to find out more.

The next step in rolling out this brand new feature is extending it to our reporting capability.

The ApprovalMax reports now include Bill to PO Matching data, meaning you can present data on which Bills are matched with which POs in your reports.

This is particularly useful when you have multiple Bills related to a single Purchase Order, and you need to sort and filter the open Bills. And this in turn facilitates the audit process, fulfilling the basic requirement of proving that all Bills that have been paid have corresponding POs.

A New Look Reporting Function

As part of this new reporting function, users will be able to view the Purchase Order Balance.

The PO Balance report shows the remaining amount for each PO, with the balance calculated as follows:

PO amount minus the amount of all open and approved Bills matched to it.

However, this is only the case if you select the ‘Many Bills – One PO’ pattern when you’re doing the matching. If you select ‘One Bill – Many POs’, the Purchase Order Balance cannot be calculated, and will therefore not be shown in the report.

Ready to Try It For Yourself?

The Bill to PO Matching feature – and the extended reporting capability – is currently only available in beta, upon request.

If you’d like to enable this feature, please email

Report Better with ApprovalMax

By extending the reporting capability to complement the Bill to PO Matching feature, you’ll enjoy more detailed Purchase Order reporting options.

We’re certain this will be a welcome addition to the platform, and one that will further enhance your company’s approval process.

If you’re not currently benefiting from ApprovalMax, find out more about the platform and its other capabilities by clicking here.

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