QuickBooks Online Users: How to create Expense requests and approval workflows using ApprovalMax

Good news – creating and approving Expense requests, and setting up multi-step approval workflows in ApprovalMax is now available for QuickBooks Online users.

What is a QuickBooks Online Expense?

An Expense is a document type in QuickBooks Online. It represents a purchase that’s been paid via a selected Payment Type (cash, cheque, or credit) and which is then allocated against the respective Payment Account (Category of specific types). (In contrast, Bills are entered as Awaiting Payment).

How it works in ApprovalMax

Users of Organisations connected to QuickBooks Online can create Expense requests directly in ApprovalMax.

When creating a new QBO Expense request, the user can select a Payee, Payment Account, and Payment method in addition to the usual Category/Product & Services line items to create their Expense document. Upon approval, the Expense request will be pushed to QuickBooks Online.

This is how Expenses created in ApprovalMax get approved: 

  1. Expense requests are created and submitted for approval in ApprovalMax.
  2. The multi-step approval workflow is actioned, as predefined in ApprovalMax.
  3. The respective managers get a notification saying their approval is required, and asked to make their decision.
  4. When all approvals are made, the approved Expense and the automatically generated audit report get pushed to QuickBooks Online.


There are a number of benefits that allow this new functionality allows Expenses to be created directly in ApprovalMax.

  • Tighter permissions and controls. You can restrict what you want Requesters to see and work with when creating Expense requests. You can, for example, configure their access rights so that individual Requesters are only able to select certain Vendors as a Payee, or from a particular location.
  • Let your approval workflow do all the heavy lifting. Expenses go through the approval flow and are only published in QBO when full approval has been made.
  • Handy notifications. Requesters are notified about approvals and rejections, and Approvers are notified when they need to make an approval decision. 
  • ApprovalMax’s mobile app provides the ultimate convenience. Requesters can create expense requests and submit them for approval. Approvers can approve/reject, reassign requests to other Approvers, and communicate with the Requester and other Approvers in the comments section.

You can read more about Expense Workflows for QuickBooks Online in our Knowledge Base.

The approval of QuickBooks Online Expense requests is available in all subscription plans as well as during the trial period.

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