How to Make Your Boss Happy

If your boss is the kind of person who’s always rushed off their feet, always pacing the office floor, always stressing about deadlines, meetings, or reports, then you shouldn’t see that as a negative. In fact, it’s an opportunity – a chance to don your cape and become the office hero every boss needs.

Now, we’re not suggesting you start kissing up to your boss in an attempt to earn a little more money or extra vacation days. Rather, in this post, we’re advocating ways in which you can work with your boss to help them deal with daily tasks, while making both of your lives easier in the process.

And one such juicy steak of a task that routinely lands on their plate is that of Bill approval. This can take up a lot of their time, and if they can’t get through it in a timely manner, it can have a knock-on effect on the wider workflow and productivity of the organization.

So, how can you cut this task up into manageable, bite-size chunks? By using ApprovalMax, of course.

Here are 5 ways our financial workflow software can help your boss spend less time on routine Bill approvals:

1. Their Time Is Valuable – Don’t Waste It

The last thing your boss needs is to sift through emails that aren’t relevant to them. This will only serve to waste more of their precious time, and ratchet their stress levels to new heights.

By using ApprovalMax, you can set criteria for the Bills and Purchase Orders that should come to their attention, filtering out everything else.

For example, anything under 10,000 USD should be dealt with by the relevant department managers, leaving your boss to oversee and approve anything over and above 10,000 USD.

2. Do The Leg Work For Them

Similar to setting certain criteria, sometimes keeping your boss out of the loop is the best course of action. Let the department managers do their jobs without meddling from above and everyone will be all the happier for it.

Only send those Bills and POs on to your boss once they’ve been approved. This saves them being bounced back and forth between levels in the organization, and stops the same task being looked at more than is perhaps necessary.

3. Keep Processes Simple

If you can eradicate mountains of paper from your boss’ desk, briefcase, and life in general, they’ll thank you for that alone.

And if you take your company’s approval process into the digital age, doing away with hard copies floating around internally, they might just hug you (not a guarantee).

By allowing your boss to approve Bills direct from an email instead of handling countless documents day in, day out, you’ll have improved performance and efficiency across your entire organization faster than you can say “management theory”.

4. Keep Communication Concise

The only thing better than digitizing Bills and POs is having the ability to stop them from cluttering up your boss’ inbox. To truly engineer the new age of efficiency in your company, you must look for ways in which your boss can quickly digest information before moving on with their day.

Enter ApprovalMax.

Instead of bombarding them with requests to approve Bills and POs throughout the day, you can send them a summary each morning, therefore building this task into their day-to-day.

5. Embrace Smart Technology

The final step to making, and keeping, your boss happy is to champion modern technology.

If your boss is a little “stuck in their ways” and only just coming round to the idea of Cc-ing people into emails, then taking the time to convince them that their smartphone is a powerful and practical management device could essentially transform the way they manage the business.

Using ApprovalMax’s smartphone app, they can receive notifications prompting them to approve Bills. In the 15 minutes between appointments, they could approve 15 Bills, therefore preventing delays and keeping everything ticking over as it should.

So, there you have it. By leveraging cloud technology to streamline this most frequent of tasks, you will put a smile back on your boss’ face, and improve your working relationship too. Win-win.

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