Improve customer relations with sales invoice approval

If you’re in charge of running a professional services company, such as an accountancy firm or design agency, then you’ll know first hand just how fun AND challenging it can be.

Issuing hundreds of sales invoices each and every single week is probably something of a dream scenario, as this means there’s plenty of work coming in and being billed, which in-turn means revenue is being generated for your business.

But the not-so-fun part is ensuring that every sales invoice is correct prior to being sent out. You must ensure you’re not over or undercharging your customers, or forgetting to bill them for particular services altogether. Your company’s reputation, and solvency, depends on avoiding little mistakes. These can soon add up.

Pay Attention to the Details

The following things must be double checked before a sales invoice is sent to a customer:

  • Customer Details – Are they right? Has their name been spelled correctly? Letting a misspelling slip through the net could have your customer questioning just how much you care about them and their business.
  • Work Description – Does the description of the work for which you are invoicing match the estimate or milestone in a contract? No-one likes nasty surprises when it comes to bills, so make sure you and your customer are on the same page.
  • Quantity and Price – Have you ensured that only billable hours have been included? Have they been calculated correctly for an appropriate period of time?
  • Discount – Did you agree to a discount with your customer? If so, has it been applied correctly? Or perhaps it was something the account manager was authorized to offer, but it hasn’t been included. Make sure you find out!
  • Branding – If your business includes a number of sub-brands, then you must ensure the correct branding and contact information has been added to the invoice.

Avoid Mistakes with ApprovalMax

Wouldn’t it be great if the sales invoices that are being raised by your company in Xero could undergo a series of checks? This would ensure the previously mentioned details are all present and correct before landing in your customer’s inbox.

Well, ApprovalMax can help.

Our financial workflow platform can add multi-step approval for sales invoices, meaning that after they have been submitted for approval in Xero, they are pulled into the ApprovalMax system and routed to the relevant manager to review.

Each sales invoice can be put through multiple checks before it’s approved. For instance, the account manager could ensure the work description, quantity and discounts are as they should be, before the head of department signs off on the amount and double checks the contact details and branding.

If at any point throughout this process, an individual has a comment, he or she can simply reply to a notification email or post a comment via the smartphone app.

Thanks to ApprovalMax, you can be sure that the risk of sending an incorrect invoice is minimised. And if a minor mistake does make it to a customer, the Audit Report feature allows you to check in with the person who approved it.

Keep Your Customers Happy with ApprovalMax

By introducing ApprovalMax into your sales invoice workflow, you’ll be more certain than ever that your customers are receiving accurate invoices.

If you’d like to find out more about ApprovalMax and its features, click here. And if you’d like to give it a go, sign up for your no-risk 30 day free trial here.

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