Introducing proper user offboarding

Sophisticated automated approval workflows are great, but what happens when one of the approvers leaves your organisation? Now, we have the answer.

When do you need user offboarding?

When an ApprovalMax user leaves, you’ll need to adjust the workflows accordingly. Previously, this process was potentially a complex one – especially if that person was deeply involved in one or more approval processes. You first had to delete this user from the ApprovalMax organisation and then go over every single workflow to remove them and add a new approver in their place. 

In large organisations with complex workflows and lots of approval rules this was certainly not very convenient. Plus, if any of the workflows have been set up years ago and worked just fine all this time, it’s not that easy to remember all the rules and workflows that need to be reviewed when someone leaves. 

But with the new user offboarding this is no problem anymore, it’s now possible to offboard former users in a quick and convenient way.

How to offboard a user

Instead of deleting a user (which will just end the user’s access to ApprovalMax), use the Offboard button. When you click on it, you’ll see all the approval workflows and open requests this person is involved in, along with the respective workflow steps and user roles. 

For each of the workflows you have a choice: either just remove the user, or replace them with other users.

With regard to the open approval requests you can either select the same replacement for all of them, or pick a particular replacement for each document that’s pending approval.

First offboarding step: approval workflows
Second offboarding step: open requests

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