Introducing the ApprovalMax Advanced plan

Our new plan includes additional features to improve the processes for spend control and supplier vetting, and helps approvers do their work more efficiently.

The Advanced plan: for a higher level of control and increased efficiency

We constantly communicate with our customers and therefore know that some of them are looking for a higher level of control when it comes to approvals. Many organisations with strict budget policies have to validate spending against budgets, and also need to vet their suppliers before ordering goods or services. Obviously, the more purchasing an organisation does, the more difficult it gets to authorise every single invoice that comes in.

Our new Advanced plan addresses these challenges. It allows you to establish a higher level of control for the company as well as increase process efficiency by providing approvers with the right tools to let them focus on what’s really important.

New features of the Advanced plan

So, let’s find out what the Advanced plan has to offer. Side note: these new features are also available with our Premium plan.

Budget Checking 

The Budget Checking functionality improves spend control and saves time because approvers get a clear real-time overview of all budgets impacted by the documents they are approving. They can view the respective budgets right next to the documents waiting for their decision. Budgets are synchronised in real time and approvers can see which documents have already affected a specific budget. ApprovalMax uses account codes and document dates to pull the relevant budgets for each of the line items in a document under approval. This feature is only available for Xero.

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Supplier Approvals

The Supplier Approval workflow automates the supplier/vendor vetting process, which often involves various departments such as finance, legal, security. That’s why organising it in a way to get all necessary approvals and the new supplier confirmed on time is a lot of effort. With this new workflow, Requesters enter the supplier data and then the supplier approval request goes automatically through all required steps while timely notifications are sent to the relevant approvers. Once an approval is complete, all steps will be logged in an automatically generated audit trail.

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When there are lots of expenses of various types, it doesn’t make much sense to approve regular or minor expenses manually – no matter how easy approvals with our mobile app are, approvers still need time to go through all the invoices. Even worse, it’s harder to focus on those documents that do require attention when you’re already tired from going through plenty of “no brainer” ones, like utilities. The Auto-approval feature saves approvers a lot of time and helps them focus on what’s really important because all documents that meet the conditions you specify in the auto-approval step will be authorised automatically and not assigned to anyone.

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Bill-to-PO matching

Matching bills to already approved purchase orders from the same supplier enables correct coding and additional spend control. You also obtain vital data for financial planning and reporting: how much of a specific purchase order has not yet been billed and how much money you have to pay in the upcoming period.

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How can I try out the Advanced plan?

If you’re already a customer, your organisation’s administrator or account owner can switch the trial on directly in the product. If you’re a new customer, just start a trial – you’ll get access to the Advanced plan features.

Get your free trial to see how it works and check out all the features for enhanced spend control!