New feature: bill review and approval for QuickBooks Online

Introducing a major update: QuickBooks Online users can now create and approve bills in ApprovalMax.

Creating bills just like in QuickBooks Online…

Bills can now be created directly in both the ApprovalMax web interface and its mobile app. The information on vendors and inventory items gets synced automatically from your QuickBooks Online account so, in terms of user experience, creating bills in ApprovalMax feels pretty much the same as creating them in QuickBooks Online. 

…but actually outside of QuickBooks Online

Why would you want to do this? Well, to put it simply, it is much more secure.

Your QuickBooks Online account contains a lot of sensitive data and it might not be a good idea to let everyone who creates bills have access to it. With ApprovalMax, requesters don’t need to be QuickBooks Online users and when they create bills, they can only see the QuickBooks Online data relevant for their specific tasks. You can even set up ApprovalMax accounts for your suppliers and allow them to create bills themselves.

Any of those bills will only enter QuickBooks Online after they have passed the predefined review and approval process, which effectively eliminates potential human error or fraud.

Bill review and approval process

As soon as a bill has been created in ApprovalMax, it will be routed automatically through a multi-step and multi-role approval process that is based on predefined criteria; such as vendor, amount, category, class, location, etc. The approval workflow is set up once, when the organisation starts using ApprovalMax. Requesters need no further information as to where their bills have to go for approval and have no additional manual work when submitting a bill. After review and authorisation, bills are pushed to QuickBooks Online ready for payment, with the audit reports automatically attached. 

ApprovalMax features that will streamline your bill approval workflow

  • Mobile app

Bills can be created and approved on the go with our mobile app (available for both iOS and Android). So, no more delays due to approvers being away from their desks because of business travel or a busy external meetings calendar.

  • Multi-step and multi-role approvals

No matter how complex your approval workflow is, it can be replicated in ApprovalMax. You can set up conditional, sequential as well as parallel approvals, and flexibly customise approver roles.

  • Automated notifications

ApprovalMax shows real-time report views of the approval progress and generates automatic notifications to approvers. It also helps to identify approval process bottlenecks and forecast delays. 

  • Audit reports

For all bills processed in ApprovalMax there will be an audit trail automatically generated as part of the approval process flow. Audit trails contain all authorisation decisions and exceptions that have occurred and include comments, delegations, rejections and other details. On completion of the approval workflow, an audit report is generated for and attached to every approved document.  

  • On-the-fly changes and exception handling

ApprovalMax handles unusual situations with ease as it supports approval exceptions with various capabilities: approval delegation, the detection of “No approver found” cases and the option to force an approval decision.

To learn how to set up the Bill approval workflow and how the Bill approval workflow works, please contact us at