New Feature: PO Creation from Within ApprovalMax

When it comes to Purchase Orders (PO), the two questions we are asked most often are:

  • “How do I keep PO requesters out of Xero?” and
  • “How do I keep requesters informed about PO approval?”

Well, thanks to our newest feature – which has undergone weeks of private beta-testing – we can unequivocally answer both of those questions.

In short, requesters can now create POs directly in ApprovalMax without needing to access Xero, and they will be kept in the loop about the POs approval progress. This keeps everything safe, secure, and on track.

And here’s how it works:

  • First, the Purchase Order is created directly within the ApprovalMax platform, using a predetermined list of suppliers, inventory items, etc. pulled from Xero.
  • The PO is then approved by the relevant person.
  • After approval, the PO is then automatically sent on to both the supplier and Xero.


We believe there are a number of key benefits to this feature, including:

A Secure Workflow

Both requesters and approvers of Purchase Orders do not require login credentials for Xero. This keeps important accounting data safe and secure from those who are not privy to it.

What’s more, PO creation can be restricted to particular categories, items, amounts etc., meaning even more control can be applied to the entire PO process.

Better Compliance

We firmly believe a better level of compliance can be instilled within an organisation by utilising this feature. It will ensure that POs are always approved by the relevant managers in adherence to the business’ approval workflow setup.

And every PO-related action will be accounted for, thanks to the availability of PDF audit reports, and a full audit trail for every PO.

Convenience for Approvers

Every important PO-related decision is kept front and centre for approvers. Managers will be instantly notified of any new documents sent for approval.

They will also be able to approve documents directly from their email or, if they are out and about, they can approve with a swipe and a tap using our smartphone app (available for both Android and iOS).

Convenience for Requesters

Requesters too will reap the benefits of using this feature. They will be notified if their PO has been approved or rejected, and if it’s the latter, they will receive feedback as to why.

Clarity & Accuracy

A special bonus of using this new feature will be the ability to track both POs and Bills.

Approvers will be able to check if a particular Bill is related to an earlier Purchase Order, and be sure that the amounts and details match prior to approving payment.

Try ApprovalMax Today

Where our users are concerned, this has been one of the most sought after features for ApprovalMax. And we are incredibly excited to officially launch it at XeroCon San Francisco (15th – 17th August 2016).

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