New feature: workflow export

At some point it might be necessary to share all setup details of the implemented approval workflows, for example, because the auditors or company management want to review them and make sure they work properly. Until now, the only way to illustrate such information was to make screenshots of the workflow conditions and rules. Not really the preferred method, especially in case of complex workflows with multiple approval steps and rules.

Well, now there is a much more straightforward option: just go to the workflow and click on the “Export workflow” button, which will generate a PDF document with a text description of that flow. If it’s about a purchase order workflow, for instance, this text will contain a list of users who are allowed to create purchase orders as well as the rules for each requester, and for each approval step a list of users who approve purchase orders as well as the rules for each approver.

This feature makes audits much easier, and also provides a convenient way to review and analyse workflows in order to understand whether the controls have been set up correctly. 

Here’s what an exported workflow description looks like:

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