We’re celebrating! ApprovalMax is Xero App Partner of the Month

Every month, Xero recognises one of its 700 app partners for their contribution to the Xero ecosystem, and the great work they do in helping businesses thrive.

And we are very excited to announce that ApprovalMax was awarded the Xero App Partner of the Month in June. In this article, we want to take a moment to share what that’s meant for us and how it will help shape our future plans.


Not our first award, either

We’ve already been named Xero Emerging App Partner of the Year (Asia Pacific) in 2017. Since then, we’ve taken a big step in terms of our Xero partnership and product development, the noteworthy achievements of which include the following:

1. Continued incremental growth of our users’ base.

One of the criteria for the award is the pace of growth. We are very proud about the increasing trust by Xero users in our software solution and the benefits we deliver to their business.

2. Our strong commitment to the Xero ecosystem.

In 2016, we launched our integration with Xero. Since then, we’ve invested heavily in product development to build the functionality our clients need. A good amount of features are directly based on the feedback and demand of our customers.

The core functionality of ApprovalMax – and the ApprovalMax team – has changed a lot since we started. In 2016 we only offered Bill approvals, PO approvals and reporting. In 2017 we added 2-way matching, fraud detection, Bill review and coding. And in 2018, we introduced a beta version of our budget check feature.

Currently, we are working on enhanced 2-way matching, general availability of budget check with search, and supplier approval. We’ve also watched as happy Xero customers have become ApprovalMax advocates. And our team has increased, with plans to continue growing and developing our product.

Xero is our strategic partner; we maintain a strong connection with its team, attend all of their Xerocons, and we’ll happily meet our customers and partners again this year in Brisbane and London.

3. The highly ranked quality product.

Product is our cornerstone. And its quality is best of all described by our customers. Here is one of the recent quotes from Xero blog:

ExcluServ has new clients coming to us who are frustrated from wasting time with inefficient processes. Thanks to ApprovalMax and Xero we can now offer them an affordable solution that can totally revolutionise their processes and make the way they run their business so much simpler. We can propose and build a robust end-to-end accounting process, with all the controls we need. We can do this with confidence that it can be built and implemented with low risk to us and to the client.”

  • Paul Winnan, Director of Consulting,  ExcluServ


At the moment, our development focus remains on new functionality and improved customer experience – the more we hear how our customers interact with product, the better idea we have of what’s needed and what may be obsolete. We’re focusing on producing a straightforward and intuitive solution, with greater user experience. The last thing we want is time being wasted waiting for a screen to load or a command to be completed!

You can read about our plans for the year in this article and recent release here.

4. The responsiveness of the entire team in terms of questions by partners and customers.

We are proud of our team and happy to provide our users and partners with the quickest and most useful feedback and help as possible. We aim to make our customers happy, and we believe that happy customers want to tell people about your product.

Reviews from our customers from Xero Community are the best way to prove that.

We want to be a Partner of the Year one day, and will do our best to achieve that!


We’ve also reached Xero Recommended App Partner level!

We’ve been working with Xero since 2016 to provide the best solution for SMBs to manage their approval management processes. And today we’re taking it up a notch. We’re pleased to announce that ApprovalMax has also reached Xero Recommended Partner status.

Before we get into the overview, first let us briefly define what a Xero Recommended App Partner is. Put simply, it’s an app that has reached a new milestone in several areas.

If you want to be a Recommended Partner among more than 700 Xero app partners, you’ll have to contribute and maintain more than 1,000+ connections to Xero, have over 25 positive reviews on Xero Community, and keep growing annually. While we have met all of the criteria before now, we are saying a great big thanks to all of our users who have shared their opinion about ApprovalMax with the community. You have helped us to get to the next level!

For us, this is more than just an integration, it’s a 360-degree partnership. At ApprovalMax we are working to create the best possible approval management solution. And our new level will see us work towards new goals, such as further building out our integration and product development to create the best combined solution for customers around the world.

A word from Konstantin Bredyuk, CEO of ApprovalMax:

“We’re excited to be Xero Recommended Partner. Like Xero, we aim to arm SMBs with the best, continuously evolving cloud software they need that helps to solve existing problems and invest their time in what matters.

“We have put a lot into developing our partnership with Xero. We look forward to many more fruitful years of contribution to the ecosystem”.

We believe that the best illustration of this achievement are the reviews and recommendations from our customers from Xero Community. Here are just a few:

Looking forward to the next big challenge

Being Xero Recommended App brings not only joy, but new challenges. We’re now entirely focused on the next level, and we can’t wait to see what it will bring!

We also want to take this opportunity to thank Xero, our customers and every single one of the 700 strong community of app partners, who have grown alongside us.


Would you like to try ApprovalMax for yourself? Register for your no obligation Free Trial here.