Xero Roadshow Australia 2019 Recap: Interview with Helmut Heptner

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It was a journey across 19 Australian cities (and a number of regional areas too), to meet, greet, listen and talk with passionate partners and small and medium-sized business owners. And now the dust has settled on the Xero Roadshow Australia 2019, and three incredible, inspiring weeks have come to an end.

Helmut Heptner, Director of Operations at ApprovalMax, visited six stops on the Roadshow, where he was able to meet the awesome Xero network of leading accountants and bookkeepers, make important connections, and speak to ApprovalMax partners and users based in Adelaide, Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Melbourne, Perth, and Sydney.

In this article, Helmut shares his experience and answers two of the most frequently asked questions about ApprovalMax.

Helmut Heptner


Helmut, what was the most exciting experience for you at the Xero Roadshow Australia 2019?

Well, for me, first of all, it’s an amazing opportunity to meet the Accounting and Bookkeeping partners and explain more about how ApprovalMax can help them and their clients. At each of the six locations, I was able to talk with partners and small and medium-sized business owners about their experience with ApprovalMax.

It was very valuable to hear how our existing customers are using ApprovalMax, and to connect with potential customers and learn what they require of a bill automation solution.

Xero Roadshow Australia 2019


How was the event organised and what were the most memorable moments?

The whole three-weeks event was perfectly organised by the amazing Xero Team. We could learn first-hand what’s new with Xero, get the latest on their key initiatives and exciting projects, and discuss the latest trends in digital connectivity with the app partner community. It was also great to see all of the exhibitors who attended the Xero Roadshow 2019.

Xero has published a webpage with a detailed recap on the event. You can even find “Your Roadshow in Review Action Plan”. Check it here!

Helmut Heptner and Elliot Spirrett, Xero Ecosystem Partner Manager

Helmut Heptner and Elliot Spirrett, Xero Ecosystem Partner Manager


Could you name the two most common questions you got asked by both Accountants & Bookkeepers and SMBs to give people an idea of the conversations you most frequently had at the Xero Australia Roadshow?

Yes, sure! The first question would definitely be: “As a Xero Partner, what I should know about ApprovalMax?”

First thing’s first, I would answer by explaining that ApprovalMax is an award-winning cloud approval workflows system which enables spend control and optimisation for organisations of all shapes and sizes.

It integrates flawlessly with Xero, further enhancing the accounting function, and improving process control and visibility. What’s more, ApprovalMax promotes compliance and audit readiness for both in-house and outsourced accounting processes.

Don’t forget to get in touch with us to learn more about our Partner Program here. By joining the program, you will be able to provide better advice to your clients on how to achieve seamless spending control and a robust, user-friendly approval workflow.  


And the second one would be: “As a financial manager who needs a tool for approval management, how can I learn more or get started?”

Here I’d suggest they take a look at our website, and sign up for a free trial, or if you’d just like a free demo of the product, we have weekly webinars where we show how ApprovalMax works.

Our Knowledge Base also contains lots of helpful resources, together with videos, and other content on how ApprovalMax works.


That’s great. Thank you, Helmut!