3 ApprovalMax features you might not have heard of

Are you new to ApprovalMax, or an expert user? Either way, our product has a lot of hidden gems and maybe you don’t yet know about these three small but capable features.

1. Approving and commenting from an email

The ApprovalMax notifications are more than just a note, approvers can actually use these emails to approve or reject documents and leave comments. The email notifications contain all document details as well as the “Approve” and “Reject” buttons – no need for opening the web app to make your decision. 

If you want to add a comment, just hit “Reply” and type your message. Then click on “Send” as if you were replying to a regular email message. Your comment will be added to the request in ApprovalMax and visible to other users.

2. Downloading multiple audit reports in one go

You can download multiple audit reports in a single archive, which is quite helpful when preparing a document package for bulk payment approvals or audit purposes. 

Go to “Reports” and open an existing report or create a new one, then click on the three-dot icon and select “Download audit reports archive for all requests”. Please note: the archive you’ll be sent by email will only include the audit reports for approved requests. 

3. Scheduled reports

Instead of generating a report manually when required, you can schedule the creation and specify who’s to get it – they will find it in their inbox right on time. 

To set up a schedule, click on the clock icon in the upper right-hand part of the report form, add the recipients’ email addresses and select when the reports are to be sent. Now, you and your colleagues will receive CSV reports straight to the inbox as per this schedule. Depending on your choices, scheduled reports can be delivered to anyone in or outside of your ApprovalMax organisation.

These very useful features are in addition to the core ApprovalMax functionality: multi-level approval workflows for accounts payable and accounts receivable with automated notifications, audit trails and matching.

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