What’s new in ApprovalMax: copying rules and workflows, and in-field calculations

New features we have just introduced: how and when to use them.

1. Copying rules

Setting up an approval workflow and adding new approvers or requesters is a lot faster when you copy the approval rules from one user to another. You can copy rules between requesters, approvers or reviewers within the same approval step and matrix. This action is only available to the organisation’s administrator.

To copy rules, go to “Approval workflows” under “Workflows and settings” and select the respective workflow. Open the step whose rules you want to copy and click on the matrix icon. Open the three-dot menu next to the user you want to copy rules from and then click on “Copy rule to user”. In the pop-up, select the users you want to copy these rules to. You can also add new users at this point and copy the rules to them. When all relevant users have been selected, click on “COPY RULE” and you’re done. Please note: if any rules were specified for those users before, the copied rules will overwrite them.

For more details, read our Knowledge Base articles for Xero and QuickBooks Online users.

2. Copying workflows

If you are already using a bill approval workflow and want to create a similar one for purchase orders, you don’t need to do it from scratch. With the Copy Workflow tool you can copy workflow settings between different workflows in the same organisation or different workflow types in different organisations under the same account where the user holds the administrator role.

Go to “Approval workflows” in the “Workflows and settings” menu, select the workflow whose settings you want to copy, click on the three-dot icon and select “Copy workflow”. Then select the target organisation (if applicable) and target workflow and click on “DONE”. If you’re copying a workflow to the same workflow type, it is also possible to copy the workflow’s settings by ticking the checkbox “Copy workflow settings”.

For more details, read our Knowledge Base articles for Xero and QuickBooks Online users.

3. In-field calculations in purchase order and bill creation forms

A quick calculation of quantity or price while creating a purchase order or bill can be done right in the respective ApprovalMax field, without switching to a calculator. 

In-field calculations are supported for the QTY and Unit Price fields in Xero purchase orders and bills; the Amount, QTY and Rate fields in QuickBooks Online purchase order and bills; and the Amount field in Stand-alone workflows.

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