Advanced Bill to PO Matching Settings

Out latest feature enhancement, Bill to PO Matching, has gone down a storm with our users.

They can now manually match incoming Bills with the original PO before making their approval decision. And being able to exert even more control and accuracy over this particular stage of the approval process has been a popular addition to the approver’s arsenal.

We’re therefore very pleased to announce yet more improvements to this feature. Let’s take a brief look at what’s new, and how it works.

The Approver’s Swiss Army knife

We’ve introduced three new settings to Bill to PO Matching, nudging this feature towards Swiss Army Knife levels of usefulness.

Setting One

The first new setting provides an option for Bill approval if the Bill has not been matched to its corresponding PO(s). This option is based on a specific amount, which can be set by the Administrator. The amount limit will determine if the Bill can be approved only after having first been matched to its corresponding PO(s).

Setting Two

The second setting regulates whether or not Bills can be approved even if the Bill amount exceeds the initial PO amount. Like setting one, this setting is also amount-based. The Administrator can set the amount limit for Bills so that they can exceed the PO by a certain amount and still be approved.

Setting Three

Finally, the third setting can regulate whether or not Bills can be matched to PO(s) that were issued later than the corresponding Bill.

This setting has a very simple yes or no function.

Ready to Try It For Yourself?

The Bill to PO Matching feature – and the extended reporting capability – is currently only available in beta, upon request.

If you’d like to enable this feature, please email

Control More with ApprovalMax

By adding even more options to the Bill to PO Matching feature, you’ll enjoy even more control over your Bills and Purchase Orders. And we’re sure these settings will further enhance your company’s approval process.

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