ApprovalMax for Cin7 Core: Robust Financial Controls for Inventory Management

In the fast-paced world of inventory management, getting a handle on several key factors is crucial to achieving success. This includes tracking inventory levels, purchasing, manufacturing, and sales. Financial controls and streamlined approval processes are often overlooked but are also crucial for saving time, preventing errors, and mitigating fraud when managing inventory. Finance teams in businesses that are responsible for managing and storing large quantities of stock, such as beer breweries, coffee roasters, fashion houses or even hardware manufacturers are often juggling multiple systems and manually chasing people to manage the approvals of bills and purchase orders. This causes significant delays on payments, ordering and deliveries, which can ultimately lead to customer dissatisfaction.

Introducing ApprovalMax for Cin7 Core

At ApprovalMax we’re excited to announce our integration with Cin7 Core (formally known as DEAR). Businesses who are using Cin7 Core to manage their purchasing, inventory and manufacturing can now also enhance their security measures, improve efficiency, and create robust financial controls from a single, centralised platform with ApprovalMax. This is thanks to ApprovalMax’s approval automation functionality, fraud detection capabilities, and automatic audit report generation.

ApprovalMax’s latest product expansion enables accounts payable (AP) teams to set up multi-level and multi-conditional approval workflows for purchase orders from Cin7 Core. This level of customisation ensures that purchase orders in Cin7 Core are automatically routed to the correct decision maker in an organisation, completely eliminating the need to manually chase anyone in the business for approval. Now approval processes align perfectly with business requirements, minimising errors and maximising efficiency. This not only saves valuable time but also improves collaboration and reduces the risk of bottlenecks in the approval process.

An extra layer of protection

By providing a dedicated platform for approvers to review and approve purchase orders and bills, ApprovalMax also eliminates the need for team members to access Cin7 Core to view these documents. Adding an extra layer of protection to data in Cin7 Core, and in many cases it means less users require access to Cin7 Core in general.

Prevent fraudulent activity

ApprovalMax for Cin7Core also enables the detection of potentially fraudulent behavior by monitoring any changes made to approved purchase orders after they have been approved. This proactive approach helps businesses identify and prevent fraudulent activities, safeguarding their financial interests and inventory.

Easily edit approval workflows

Flexibility is another key aspect of ApprovalMax for Cin7 Core. With this solution, making changes to approval workflows and requirements becomes a breeze. There is no need to edit any settings in Cin7 Core itself, as all modifications can be done directly in ApprovalMax. This streamlined process saves finance teams time and reduces the complexity of managing approval workflows.

Keep approvers in the loop

In addition to streamlining inventory management and enhancing control, ApprovalMax offers powerful notification capabilities that keep decision makers informed every step of the way. When integrated with Cin7 Core, ApprovalMax sends automated notifications to relevant stakeholders, ensuring timely approvals and reducing bottlenecks in the process. Stay in the loop with real-time updates, and alerts, enabling you to take proactive actions and maintain efficient business flow. With ApprovalMax notifications, you can improve communication, enhance collaboration, and ensure that nothing falls through the cracks. Experience the power of seamless notifications and take your approval process to the next level.

Works with Xero

Businesses who already use ApprovalMax with Xero, can now also connect ApprovalMax directly to Cin7 Core. This means all purchase orders, invoices, credit notes, bills, and batch payments can be seamlessly approved in one place, eliminating the need to switch between different applications for approvals. Everything is managed from one point, in ApprovalMax.

ApprovalMax for Cin7 Core, empowers businesses to tighten their financial controls from a single and centralised platform. By automating approval processes, reducing errors, providing real-time notifications and detecting potentially fraudulent behavior, this solution enhances security and efficiency in inventory management. With its ability to approve everything in one place and provide customisable approval workflows, ApprovalMax for Cin7 Core is a game-changer for businesses seeking to add an extra layer of efficiency and control to their inventory management processes.

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