Simplify Goods and Service Tracking with Goods Received Notes (GRN)

We’re excited to unveil our latest feature in ApprovalMax – the Goods Received Note (GRN)! Designed with your convenience in mind, GRN allows you to effortlessly manage and track the status of your deliverables alongside relevant Purchase Orders (POs) throughout the entire approval process.

Accounts Payable teams and individuals waiting to receive goods and services can say goodbye to manual tracking and the endless paperwork it creates. ApprovalMax’s GRN feature provides better visibility on received goods or services, ensuring you have the bigger picture of where goods and services are from beginning to end. ApprovalMax users on Advanced and Premium Plans can take advantage of the GRN features and benefits in just a few clicks, under the workflow settings in the app.

Track delivery statuses during the approval process

Our new GRN feature has three statuses that provide teams with visibility where goods and services are.

GRN goes beyond status tracking. We’ve included a handy notes section for you to add any crucial details about the goods and services you’re waiting for. Being able to leave important instructions or comments ensures smooth communication and clarity across your team, while also providing peace of mind to the Accounts Payable function that bills or invoices are okay to be paid.

It’s also important to mention that GRN keeps your historical data throughout the process. While the statuses mentioned above can be changed freely, ApprovalMax retains all previous records and statuses, so you can view progress of the goods and services waiting to be received.

Improved inventory management

Statuses aren’t the only way teams can better manage inventory and deliveries. GRN allows for staff to quickly identify potential delivery issues that were picked-up and noted in comments when received. If there’s an issue identified later on, the GRN and associated comments can also serve as a reference point to start resolution.

Enhance financial control

Because the GRN in ApprovalMax acts as a link between PO’s and Invoices, this new functionality enables finance teams to ensure that goods have been acquired before any form of payment is made. This extra layer of information acts as a fail-safe procedure and gives peace of mind to all parties involved.

For even more security, all GRN’s are also made visible in the Audit Trail that is automatically generated after each approval workflow is completed.

“GRN is a crucial element to ensure businesses get a better overview of their input and output, whilst also giving their customers a way to check they have received their goods or services before any payment is made.”

Brendan Lucas, ApprovalMax Head of Accounting

Unlock efficiency, get full documentation of your delivery tracking, and experience a whole new level of control and convenience in your delivery processes with GRN. Now available in ApprovalMax!

Our GRN functionality is available in our Advanced and Premium Plans