Connect ApprovalMax to your Slack Workspace

Enhance AP collaboration and decision making processes for today’s remote business landscape

In today’s fast-paced and increasingly remote business world, efficient collaboration and streamlined approval processes are essential for maintaining financial controls. Decision-makers need a number of channels to stay connected and informed, especially when it comes to crucial documents that require their approval.

To address this need, ApprovalMax has introduced a powerful integration with Slack, allowing teams to manage approvals seamlessly without leaving their favourite communication tool. This integration adds to the list of ways ApprovalMax notifications can be received such as the mobile app and email.


Get Real-Time Approval Notifications in Slack

With the ApprovalMax Slack integration, decision-makers can receive real-time Slack notifications when their approval is needed. This integration bridges the gap between approval workflows and the communication hub, by allowing decision-makers to have their say, without having to leave Slack! 

Slack users will enjoy the convenience of being able to provide prompt requests for approval, further adding to the variety of decision-making channels facilitated by ApprovalMax. This added convenience speeds up response times and can contribute to better overall approval times, allowing businesses to get more purchase orders, bills, and invoices ready for payment sooner, rather than later.


Communication that syncs between apps

Effective decision-making relies on context and collaboration. ApprovalMax understands the significance of providing the right context for discussions around financial documents. With the Slack integration, users can provide context, ask questions, comment on bills, invoices, or purchase orders, all without leaving Slack.

The integration centralises communication by ensuring that all comments made on approvals in Slack are logged in the ApprovalMax workflow history. By ensuring the conversation is copied over to the ApprovalMax platform, teams can ensure there is always one source of truth for accounts payable (AP) communication, especially if they are ever audited.


Go where your decision-makers are

Time is of the essence in business, and every minute saved counts. Streamlined communication processes are more important than ever before, especially with business communication becoming more hybrid and remote. Integrating ApprovalMax with Slack brings approvals to where many decision-makers already spend a significant portion of their day – their communication tool. By leveraging Slack’s popularity and ease of use, ApprovalMax encourages faster approvals and a more streamlined decision-making process.

By notifying decision-makers in Slack, organisations can achieve higher efficiency in their approval workflows, reducing delays and bottlenecks. The results? Faster approvals, productive decision makers, and happier Finance Leaders!

ApprovalMax for Slack is available on all ApprovalMax plans